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College Basketball for 2014 has come to an end, which means that there is a new National Champion. As the Championship game was coming close there was a lot of talk about who will win as well as the trends and superstitions. One major trend that has come up throughout the years is the color blue. Before this year nine out of the last ten teams that had won the national championship had blue in their logo, and this year…that was inevitable. Both teams didn’t just have blue in their logos, they were a primarily blue school, so either way the trend was going to continue and mark the 10th out of 11 years that the National Championship team has had blue in their logo. Heres a look at the past teams that won throughout this trend.



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The sign

March Madness is in full force. That means that anybody who knows sports knows that the final four is around the corner, which means that four teams are going to get all the attention from the major sporting platforms. For the 2014 March Madness Final Four it is down to Florida, Wisconsin, Uconn, and Kentucky. The major viewing of these teams means the major showcasing for the sponsors of these teams.

A couple weeks ago business week  put out an article about Nike having the highest chance to be a sponsor of the championship team. The article states that out of he 68 teams, 45 of them will be sporting Nike gear, including all four of the number one seeds. Going into the tourney, Nike had a 73 percent chance, leaving Adidas with a 27 percent chance of being the National Championships sponsor. Going into the last game on Sunday night it looked as though those chances would change until #2 ranked Michigan (an Adidas sponsored school) lost to #7 Kentucky (a Nike sponsored). Three out of the final four team this year are Nike, leaving Wisconsin as the lone school reaping Adidas.

Albany v Florida kentucky- nike inc


(From top left clockwise: Florida Nike jersey from, Kentucky Nike jersey from, Uconn Nike jersey from, Wisconsin Adidas jersey from

The Wisconsin Badgers and the Kentucky Wildcats were the only teams who got special jerseys for the round of this year’s NCAA tournament. In an earlier post, it shows the jerseys that Adidas redesigned for the tourney.


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Here is a look at the jerseys that Nike redid for the tournament this year in a theme of “Respect the Past, Represent the Future”, to give the jerseys a throw back type of feel.