Shoe Mania

Shoes are the largest platform for sports fashion especially in the basketball industry. Here is a look into two Hawkeye players, Melsahn Basabe and Aaron White’s, shoes along with their thoughts of why its big to wear the designs of the pros. Also an extra peek into Basabe’s new line Slime.


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A look into the social media of NBA shoes (clickity click)


Exiled Jerseys

Each team is wanting the greatest and latest trend, especially when it comes with jerseys. Although shoes can be a high fashion point on the hard wood, the jerseys are always visible and a key way to show of their school. However, with many NCAA rules, not every jersey is allowed to debut when the clock starts.

As shown earlier, Robert Griffin III wore the new Baylor basketball jerseys that Adidas had unveiled this March.

jerseysHere is a look at the new sets of jerseys that Adidas came out with. All but the Baylor jerseys will be debuting in post season (for the teams that will make the NCAA tourney).

The Baylor Bears’ jersey has their slogan “sic ’em bears”
NCAA ruled out the Bears’ jerseys withbears the statement that “the team is not allowed to wear the uniforms because only a team name or mascot can be on the front of a jersey” (sourced from Yahoo sports).

This same problem came up in 2013 in Iowa City with the Iowa Jerry Storm
Hawkeye basketball team when they wanted to honor former, Chris Street. The Hawkeyes were looking forward to wearing special uniforms with “street” on the back of everyone’s jerseys where their last names would be. However the Hawkeyes found other ways to honor the great Street with shirts that said “if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end” and badges on their jerseys.

This brings up the question that why do the NCAA care so much about the representation of the schools. If the school is being represented in a respectful matter then why is one jersey better than the other? For example, Notre Dame’s jerseys say “Fighting Irish”, which seems comparable to the “sic ’em bears” jerseys however the fighting irish is the actual mascot for Notre Dame. It will be interesting to see where jerseys are allowed to go as the desire to become individual and unique continues in the sporting world.

Power of the Pink

Iowa Women’s Basketball team traveled to Indianapolis this past weekend to compete in the 2014 Big Ten Tournament. On Day 3 of the tournament the Hawkeyes took on Ohio State while sporting their pink attire to support breast cancer awareness. I talked to Claire Till, Ally Disterhoft, Melissa Dixon, Bethany Doolittle and Coach Lisa Bluder to hear about their thoughts on the pink.



The NBA had a different look on the court last night, Lebron James debuted his mask after recently breaking his nose.

pic Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.50.44 PMHere is Lebron’s Instagram that he posted shortly after the gam showing off his mask and the super hero vibe that it gave. 

Although Lebron’s mask is something that has never quite been seen before, masks in general aren’t new on the floor. The masks became memorable starting with Rip Hamilton. 

Rip Hamilton

Rip Hamilton (picture from chatsports)

Hamilton began wearing the mask in ’03 after breaking his nose twice. The clear mask with top and bottom straps.

The clear mask was the main go to look for players to wear when they had a nose injury. However, black masks have become more common, especially for the stars of the league.

Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving

Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving

Both Kobe and Kyrie rocked the black masks in 2012, however all of the makes differ from one another. The main difference from Lebron’s is the detail and the fact that it was made of carbon fiber, which is a lot lighter than the other masks shown.

Masks are solely worn when there is an injury, however they become something else that people can talk about. NBA players aren’t the only ones that have sported the masks.

Tyler Hansbrough

Tyler Hansbrough (picture from chatsports)

Tyler Hansbrough sported the mask after a rough game against major rival, Duke. As seen, Hansbrough is wearing the same design that Rip Hamilton perfected.

The most interesting part about masks is that they are temporary. Players do become superstitious and like to hold onto certain trends, however with the extra heat that the mask brings, it is something that they usually ditch after wearing.


NBA players always have a keen eye set on them. Every move they make is scrutinized whether that is by the shot they put up, or drank. However, in this decade there is more attention on what these players are doing off of the court, and even more so, what they are wearing.

The word “swag” has become the word to define the fashion sense of players on and off the hardwood. A player’s “swag” can be based off of their uniform, by scrutinizing them from head to toe. Whether it’s their shoe, socks, shorts, uniform, undershirt, tattoos, etc., all of these are factors into what can help determine a player’s “swag”.

Another way swag is determined is by the way that players dress in what they call, street clothes. Street clothes are the basic clothing people can wear, but they are usually anything but basic. NBA players in particular, have a way of shocking the crowd with their street clothes. Russell Westbrook has noted a “fashion icon” for his over the top fashion trends and legendary glasses (with no lenses) . Players, like Russell Westbrook, have the chance to show their swag during post game interviews.

The Bleacher Report, a sports journalism website, has a specific section to their website called “Swagger” . It takes notes on things out of the norm that athletes are doing, as well as their outfits. The Bleacher Report app has a swag alert that will update you when something happens in the sports world that has a sense of swag.