GQ in the NBA

GQ is a very prominent men’s fashion magazine. GQ is just one example of how fashion is becoming such a large component in the sporting community. Lebron James has graced the covers of many magazines as a kid, such as Sports Illustrated and ESPN, however as he excelled in the sporting world his views and passion for fashion were able to be showcased. Lebron has been on the cover of Vogue and this is his second time on the cover of GQ. This GQ issue really got into the works of how the players in the NBA are implemented into the fashion world and are making steps to make their name not just on the court but on the runway as well. The issue goes over the top five styles of Lebron and four prominent fashion icons in the NBA. The issue also categorizes and points out NBA players with certain tattoos, shoes, hairdos, or anything special. For example, Anthony Davis is pretty famous for his “brow”, so GQ also keyed in on that component to get a connection from NBA fans to fashionistas. It is a good marketing strategy for GQ, because with NBA playoffs about to go into full swing, people are all over the NBA. This issue not only draws in the regular GQ readers but also people who will walk by the stand and see Lebron on the cover and want to get the issue to see if there is any info on the NBA. This issue is a great depiction of how NBA is becoming a bigger topic in the fashion industry and even more so vice versa.



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