The Fro

An afro is a great hair style from the past. In the 70’s and 80’s it was common to see many African  American athletes with a full “Fro”, however it is a rarity these days.Robert Griffin III, a former Baylor Bear and current Washington Redskins quarterback, decided to rock the Fro and the Bear’s basketball jerseys.

Griffin makes reference of “Dr. J” Julius Irving and his infamous hairdo.

Dr. J was known for having the best hair in the ABA (the American Basketball Association).

The era of this poofy do began in the ABA, which was founded in the late 1960’s and merged with the NBA in the mid 70s.

Since Dr. J already took the award for the best Fro, lets hash over some of the best hair styles we have seen in the NBA.

Now Robin Lopez has been known for some crazy hair for a while, his curly locks are something that people can’t miss and even more so helps him stick out from his twin basketball playing brother.

Joakim Noah is also known for his hair, whether it is untied crazy and loose or wrapped up into a little bun on his head.

These players are known for their loose and untamed hair, however these next two players are known for their shape and style of the do.






As I mentioned earlier, Chris Andersen is known for his very drastic look on the court and there is no exception for his hair. Andersen always rocks the spiked and gelled mohawk.





Another fine tuned head of hair is Norris Cole, for the Miami Heat, who has perfected the flat top.

Hair is something that is particular to each person and is great example of how people can show of their style and flare in a new way.


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