Ballin’ Beards

Although different hairstyles are a stand out in the NBA due to their freedom from being affiliated with a university, something else that these men let loose with is their facial hair. For starters, these grown men have the capability to grow a fiercer set of hair on their chin than those in the NCAA.

There are many beards that come and go in the NBA, however there are three current beards that stand out more than the rest.

First off is Birdman. Chris Andersen seems to work his way into every post on this blog whether it’s about tattoos or his hair, but he is a very decorated athlete.



Birdman’s beard has been a recent sighting, however he has been able to grow and shape his beard to make it one of the most talked about right now.



Next beard up is Kevin Love. Love has a very thick beard that cant be missed, he could easily be mistaken for a lumberjack.

The most notorious beard that never fails is the beard of James Harden.



He is notorious for his hefty hair at his chin. Harden’s fans have set up a Facebook page in honor of his beard alerting others that they should “FEAR THE BEARD”. When his former team, Oklahoma City were in the playoffs, many store fronts had large beard signs out front to represent his fashion. Footlocker also has made many commercials that have Harden’s beard being the butt of the joke.

Whether it’s a new look or a withstanding trend, beards are something that will always be around these NBA men.


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