Month: March 2014

The sign

March Madness is in full force. That means that anybody who knows sports knows that the final four is around the corner, which means that four teams are going to get all the attention from the major sporting platforms. For the 2014 March Madness Final Four it is down to Florida, Wisconsin, Uconn, and Kentucky. The major viewing of these teams means the major showcasing for the sponsors of these teams.

A couple weeks ago business week  put out an article about Nike having the highest chance to be a sponsor of the championship team. The article states that out of he 68 teams, 45 of them will be sporting Nike gear, including all four of the number one seeds. Going into the tourney, Nike had a 73 percent chance, leaving Adidas with a 27 percent chance of being the National Championships sponsor. Going into the last game on Sunday night it looked as though those chances would change until #2 ranked Michigan (an Adidas sponsored school) lost to #7 Kentucky (a Nike sponsored). Three out of the final four team this year are Nike, leaving Wisconsin as the lone school reaping Adidas.

Albany v Florida kentucky- nike inc


(From top left clockwise: Florida Nike jersey from, Kentucky Nike jersey from, Uconn Nike jersey from, Wisconsin Adidas jersey from

The Wisconsin Badgers and the Kentucky Wildcats were the only teams who got special jerseys for the round of this year’s NCAA tournament. In an earlier post, it shows the jerseys that Adidas redesigned for the tourney.


retrieved from

Here is a look at the jerseys that Nike redid for the tournament this year in a theme of “Respect the Past, Represent the Future”, to give the jerseys a throw back type of feel.



To make a statement or get a point across, fashion is a primary place to go. The University of Iowa men’s basketball team used that tactic to help support Coach McCaffery’s son Patrick and his diagnoses. Patrick McCaffery recently underwent surgery to remove a thyroid tumor, which they found out was malignant. The hashtag team pat and slogan pmac spread across the team, campus, and in some cases the nation.

It all started during the basketball game versus Northwestern where the team sported these shirts. “Fran then said he received a voicemail from junior guard Josh Oglesby that night and that he was the one who suggested to him the idea of wearing the shirts this weekend” (Hawkeye Drive).

Imageteam pat huddle-twitter

Many others have followed the trend to spread the support of P-mac. Shown below (on the left) the Iowa Arena Football League The Barnstormers are showing their support through their warm up shirts. As well as Herky(on the right) has made a #teampat shirt for himself to sport at the NCAA tournament.

Iowa Barnstormers Arena football league-twitter herky in team pat

Along with the fans, the support is widely spread throughout the hawkeye athletic family.

teampat shoes

IowaWBB twitter

The University of Iowa women’s basketball team put “Team Pat” on their new gold shoes to sport for the NCAA tournament.



Newly crowned National Champion Tony Ramos also sported his P-Mac shirt during an interview after his winning match.

The support from iowa city is flooding and people are constantly tweeting on how to get more P-Mac shirts and other gear to help fundraise and advocate the awareness.

Exiled Jerseys

Each team is wanting the greatest and latest trend, especially when it comes with jerseys. Although shoes can be a high fashion point on the hard wood, the jerseys are always visible and a key way to show of their school. However, with many NCAA rules, not every jersey is allowed to debut when the clock starts.

As shown earlier, Robert Griffin III wore the new Baylor basketball jerseys that Adidas had unveiled this March.

jerseysHere is a look at the new sets of jerseys that Adidas came out with. All but the Baylor jerseys will be debuting in post season (for the teams that will make the NCAA tourney).

The Baylor Bears’ jersey has their slogan “sic ’em bears”
NCAA ruled out the Bears’ jerseys withbears the statement that “the team is not allowed to wear the uniforms because only a team name or mascot can be on the front of a jersey” (sourced from Yahoo sports).

This same problem came up in 2013 in Iowa City with the Iowa Jerry Storm
Hawkeye basketball team when they wanted to honor former, Chris Street. The Hawkeyes were looking forward to wearing special uniforms with “street” on the back of everyone’s jerseys where their last names would be. However the Hawkeyes found other ways to honor the great Street with shirts that said “if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end” and badges on their jerseys.

This brings up the question that why do the NCAA care so much about the representation of the schools. If the school is being represented in a respectful matter then why is one jersey better than the other? For example, Notre Dame’s jerseys say “Fighting Irish”, which seems comparable to the “sic ’em bears” jerseys however the fighting irish is the actual mascot for Notre Dame. It will be interesting to see where jerseys are allowed to go as the desire to become individual and unique continues in the sporting world.

Power of the Pink

Iowa Women’s Basketball team traveled to Indianapolis this past weekend to compete in the 2014 Big Ten Tournament. On Day 3 of the tournament the Hawkeyes took on Ohio State while sporting their pink attire to support breast cancer awareness. I talked to Claire Till, Ally Disterhoft, Melissa Dixon, Bethany Doolittle and Coach Lisa Bluder to hear about their thoughts on the pink.


Ballin’ Beards

Although different hairstyles are a stand out in the NBA due to their freedom from being affiliated with a university, something else that these men let loose with is their facial hair. For starters, these grown men have the capability to grow a fiercer set of hair on their chin than those in the NCAA.

There are many beards that come and go in the NBA, however there are three current beards that stand out more than the rest.

First off is Birdman. Chris Andersen seems to work his way into every post on this blog whether it’s about tattoos or his hair, but he is a very decorated athlete.



Birdman’s beard has been a recent sighting, however he has been able to grow and shape his beard to make it one of the most talked about right now.



Next beard up is Kevin Love. Love has a very thick beard that cant be missed, he could easily be mistaken for a lumberjack.

The most notorious beard that never fails is the beard of James Harden.



He is notorious for his hefty hair at his chin. Harden’s fans have set up a Facebook page in honor of his beard alerting others that they should “FEAR THE BEARD”. When his former team, Oklahoma City were in the playoffs, many store fronts had large beard signs out front to represent his fashion. Footlocker also has made many commercials that have Harden’s beard being the butt of the joke.

Whether it’s a new look or a withstanding trend, beards are something that will always be around these NBA men.

The Fro

An afro is a great hair style from the past. In the 70’s and 80’s it was common to see many African  American athletes with a full “Fro”, however it is a rarity these days.Robert Griffin III, a former Baylor Bear and current Washington Redskins quarterback, decided to rock the Fro and the Bear’s basketball jerseys.

Griffin makes reference of “Dr. J” Julius Irving and his infamous hairdo.

Dr. J was known for having the best hair in the ABA (the American Basketball Association).

The era of this poofy do began in the ABA, which was founded in the late 1960’s and merged with the NBA in the mid 70s.

Since Dr. J already took the award for the best Fro, lets hash over some of the best hair styles we have seen in the NBA.

Now Robin Lopez has been known for some crazy hair for a while, his curly locks are something that people can’t miss and even more so helps him stick out from his twin basketball playing brother.

Joakim Noah is also known for his hair, whether it is untied crazy and loose or wrapped up into a little bun on his head.

These players are known for their loose and untamed hair, however these next two players are known for their shape and style of the do.






As I mentioned earlier, Chris Andersen is known for his very drastic look on the court and there is no exception for his hair. Andersen always rocks the spiked and gelled mohawk.





Another fine tuned head of hair is Norris Cole, for the Miami Heat, who has perfected the flat top.

Hair is something that is particular to each person and is great example of how people can show of their style and flare in a new way.